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About Us

NEED means requirement of something because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable in the life of a human being.

In daily life lot of things are needed. Food, clothing and dwelling are the primary need in the civilized society on the earth. Every need is fulfilled by a separate industrial sector of the economy. There are 12 (twelve) industrial sectors in aggregate in the economy from which all sorts of need of the people in the world are met. Tourism Industry is one of these industries and accepted worldwide since very long ago by all irrespective of their caste, creed and geographical boundary. Hence everyone needs tour for rest and recuperation as well as natural and other beauty of the world together with increase knowledge and create mutual relationship. .

Need82 has selected to provide services for the tourism industries and has been operating for this sector very effectively and efficiently and it emerges now as one of the successful traveling service provider with variety of its products and sincerity and dedication and commitment of the team involved for their customers’ satisfaction. We regularly evaluate ourselves and evolve technical up-gradations for providing better and updated services to our customers.

We grow, we create milestone and break that one to create new milestone every time.

We do not believe only in business but to create a good relationship with our customers.


We deeply mourn for our beloved colleague, Anupam Singha who was assassinated brutally on 2nd May, 2017 at night in his own house. But till date we feel his smiling presence with us in the office just in front of our seats. We always remember his caring attitude, brotherly behavior for other colleagues and his contributions for continuous progress of NEED82. We never forget him from heart.


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